Our Mission

Sweet Serenity Yoga and Wellness’ mission is to creatively inspire change through compassion and knowledge in an intimate space within our community.

We strive to provide a unique and authentic experience in order to suit many ranges of fitness by offering all types of Yoga, Pilates, Barre and Zumba.

At Sweet Serenity Yoga and Wellness we’re devoted to providing well-trained, genuine teachers who considerately guide students pursuing their goals.

We encourage and inspire a diverse environment of fellowship, welcoming all and encouraging connection with one another as we progress towards physical, mental and spiritual health. We strive to inspire believe in one’s self and recognition of the strength and honor within.

~Nourish Your Divine


First Timers

We have an amazing deal for first-time guests!

$20+tax– One Week Unlimited trial pass (exp. 7 days from purchase)

$44+tax – One Month Unlimited trial pass (exp. 30 days from purchase) 

Plus a one-time offer of 10% off the purchase of your first membership (if purchased before the initial trial pass expiration date)

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Join our Unique and Serene community Yoga Studio located in the Heart of North Delta offering a variety of classes; Yoga, Hot Yoga, Barre, Mat Pilates, Zumba, Fitness and more!


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Celebrate Sweet Serenity Yoga and Wellness’s 1st Anniversary! read more

Join us as we celebrate our ONE-year anniversary at Sweet Serenity!

It has been an exciting journey and we are so grateful to provide a space where we can all come together as a community to enhance wellness. As our way of thanking each of you for your commitment and dedication, we will be hosting an ONLINE giveaway event and a day of Free Classes & Wellness Fair!

Each class will be an hour long and will be led by various instructors. Every class will be all levels, so anyone can come on in and join the fun, from beginner’s to advanced.

There will be complimentary snacks & drinks, a raffle, and 3 celebratory deal options:

  • 5 Class Pass for $75 ($13 savings)
  • 10 Class Pass for $125 ($30 savings)
  • 20 Class Pass for $199 ($50 savings)

Passes can be purchased online or in person 8:30am-5:00pm June 15th ONLY!!!

***The Fine Print: Limit of ONE discounted class pass per client***
Card expiration: 5 class pass – 3 months, 10 class pass – 4 months, 20 class pass – 6months. Expiration dates begin from first visit of discounted card. Class card only redeemable within 1 year of purchase date. No extensions, holds, or sharing; cannot defer this class pass or an existing one to use the Anniversary card first.

*10% off everything in the boutique including yoga props, malas and essential oil blends during the celebration on June 15th*

Our Grand Prize Winner Will Receive:

1 Month Unlimited Pass & Raffle Gift Basket which will be filled with:

  • Yoga Mat
  • Yoga Mat Bag
  • Yoga mat Spray

PLUS Gift Certificates for:

  • One Hour Massage
  • One Hour Holistic Nutrition Consultation
  • One Hour Reiki Session
  • Experiential Energy healing and reading4Even more prizes and goodies to come!

​*1st Runner up will receive a 5 – Class Pass

2nd Runner up will receive 2 – Class Pass

You MUST sign-up in advance for free classes.

Registration for free classes begins on May 20th. You may reserve ONE spot for ONE class only.


  • 9:00am-10:00am – Hatha Yoga with Kim S.
  • 10:15am – 11:15am – Barre with Miranda
  • 11:30am-12:30pm – Yoga Fit Fusion with Lauren
  • 12:45pm-2:00pm – Restorative & Meditation with Niki


Come meet our wellness practitioners and learn what they can do to level up your wellness game.

  • 2:30pm-3:30pm – Presentations/Open discussion Q&A with our Wellness Practitioners
  • 3:45pm-5:00pm – Mini Sessions with our Wellness Practitioners and Open house
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May Schedule

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To download this calendar click: May 2019

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The people have spoken and we listened!
Due to popular demand we have scheduled the first class of weekday evenings to begin at 5pm! This pushes all other evening classes by 15 minutes. Please take note of all changes below.
  • Monday: *New Times*
    • 5:00pm-6:00pm – Yogalates with Brittany
    • 6:15pm-7:15pm – Sculpt Barre with Lauren
    • 7:30pm-8:30pm – Hatha Core Yoga (Hot) with Lauren
    • 8:45pm-9:45pm – Deep Stretch with Bev
  • Tuesday: *New Times* (Classes rearranged due to instructor availability)
    • 5:00pm-5:45pm – Zumba Tonning with Gabriela
    • 6:00pm-7:00pm – Hatha Yoga (Warm) with Charlene
    • 7:15pm-8:15pm – Barre Intensity with Chelsea
    • 8:30pm-9:30pm – Yang/Yin Yoga with Chelsea
  • Wednesday: *New Classes &Times*
    • 6:00am-7:00am *NEW* Yoga Fit Fusion (Hot) with Lauren 
    • 7:30am-8:30am – *NEW* Barre Intensity with Lauren
    • 5:00pm-6:00pm Slow Flow Yoga with Maria
    • 6:15pm-7:15pm Booty Burn Yoga (Hot) with Miranda
    • 7:30pm-8:30pm Barre Lite with Miranda
    • 8:45pm-10:00pm Restorative with Bev
  • Thursday: *Remains the same*
  • Friday:*New Times*
    • 6:15am-7:15am *New day* Yoga Fit Fusion (Hot) with Lauren 
    • 9:00am-10:15am – Hatha Yoga & Meditation with Tarana
    • 5:00pm-6:00pm – Gentle Hatha (Warm) with Niki
    • 6:15pm-7:30pm – Restorative with Niki
    • 7:45pm class will vary from week to week between Intermediate Yoga, NamaSlay Yoga or NamaSlay Barre. See schedule for more details.
  • Sunday: *New Classes*
    • 8:00am-8:45am – *NEW* Meditation with Niki
    • 6:00pm-7:00pm – *NEW* Gentle Flow Yoga with Lynn
*Please refer to our Online Schedule and Sweet Serenity Yoga and Wellness App for the most up to date schedules and substitutes and holiday closures*
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Pricing & Passes

May's Bingo Challenge

May’s Bingo Challenge. Pick-up your Challenge card at the front desk and bring it with you to be stamped after each participation.

 Have some fun with your practice this spring, build community, and support the studio!

Come and PLAY with us: May 1-31, 2019


  ~Like us on Facebook and Instagram and Sign up in studio!
~Complete a challenge then stamp the square. Choose your challenges randomly and just have fun, or plan to create a straight line for prize draw entry
  ~For every completed line of challenges stamped; put your name in for the grand prize
  ~Complete a whole card & receive 5 additional entries!
  ~Each class or event counts for only ONE square, maximum ONE square per day. One prize per person
This challenge will help keep you ACCOUNTABLE, keep you MOVING and increase VITALITY! Entries to win a PRIZE
Sign up for the challenge in STUDIO and keep track of your success on your very own bingo card! Pre-Register for all your classes, suit up and show-up! Every line completed on your bingo card earns you an entry into the draw. For items we cannot track, we will use the honor system. Taking a photo helps, which can then be posted to our Facebook page, emailed to the studio, or tag us on Instagram. 
  ~Instagram = @sweetserenityyoga – Tag your friends you’d love to have join you and tag us at @sweetserenityyoga and use #sweetserenitybingo to see everyone’s progress

Anyone with a valid membership or pass can participate.

Grand prize:
1 Month Unlimited Pass
Cravings gift cards
Oil Blend Journal
Barre Socks
and more…



First Time Guests Trial passes: 

  • $20+gst One Week Unlimited Trial pass (expires 7 days from first use)
  • $44+gst – One Month Unlimited Trial pass (expires 30 days from first use) – there is a one time offer of 10% off the purchase of your first regularly priced membership if purchased before the initial trial pass expiration


  • $18.00+gst
  • $16.00+gst (with valid student ID) available in Studio ONLY

Punch Passes: 

 Recommended for those who practice 1-2 times per week

  • $88+gst 5 Class pass (expires 3 months from first use)
  • $155+gst 10 Class pass (expires 6 months from first use)
  • $249+gst 20 Class pass (expires 12 months from first use)

Family of 2+ shared pass

  • $280+gst 20 Class pass (expires 6 months from first use)
  • $600+gst 50 Class pass (expires 1 year from first use)

Unlimited Passes: 

  • $140+gst – Working out to only $35 a week, this is the best option to practice more than twice a week – if can only commit for one month. Expires 30 days from first use

Auto-pay Memberships: 

Recommended for those who practice 2 or more times per week 

  • $750+gst – 6 Month Unlimited Membership: (or $125.00+gst Monthly and requires a 6 month auto-pay commitment. Expires 6months from date of purchase
  • $1,150+gst –  One Year Unlimited Membership: (or $95.83 + gst Monthly) Our best value pass for less than $26 a week, this is ideal for those practicing more than twice weekly. This membership includes access to all regularly scheduled classes, 10% off workshops and seminars and one complimentary guest pass per month (for new students only) Expires 12months from date of purchase

Price-list & Sweet Serenity FREE App:

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Beginner’s & Educational Workshops


Intro to Ballet read more

Intro to Ballet (all levels welcome): *Pre-registration required*

This Introduction to Ballet class is for first timers, beginners and for adults who have taken ballet as a child.
This class will provide a sound foundation of classical ballet technique. The first portion of the class will information based transitioning into ballet steps at the barre, as well as simple combinations in the center.

Ballet helps improve strength, posture, flexibility and balance. Participants will build on their classical ballet vocabulary and work to coordinate “port de-bras” (movement of the arms and head) with movements of the legs and feet. This 90-minute class begins at the barre where students work on the foundations of ballet technique. The barre is followed by center work where participants work on simple turns and travelling sequences to develop grace and musicality.

  • Date: June 8th, 2019
  • Time: 11:45pm-1:15pm
  • Cost: $44+tax

For more Details or to Register click Here

Deepen your Experience of Restorative Practices – Part I read more

Review of the fundamentals of Restorative Yoga and practice and the syllabus of foundational Restorative Poses, an introduction to “advanced” Restorative Poses and variations, including expanded propping techniques.

Date: June 16th, 2019
Time: 11:45am-5:45pm
       • $99+tax each session
       • or register for both for $179

For more Details or to Register click Here

Deepen your Experience of Restorative Practices – Part II read more

  Inviting a deep(er) relaxation, more meditation and breathing techniques for Restorative practices (Pranayama), and a full-length Savasana Workshop.
Date: June 30th, 2019
Time: 11:45am-5:45pm
       • $99+tax each session
       • or register for both for $179

For more Details or to Register click Here

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Workshops & Events

  • NamaSlay – Metal Barre: read more
    NamaSlay – Metal Barre (all levels welcome): *Pre-registration required* Isometric Toning movements set to intense, virtuosic, and powerful music! This fast paced class uses small, repetitive isometric movements to chisel, sculpt, and lengthen the whole body while using your own bodies’ resistance. This form-focused workout gives you the mind-body connection necessary to work your core to achieve maximum results!
    • Dates: Friday May 17th
    • Times: 7:45-9:00pm
    • Cost: Use of your regular pass or $18+tax Drop-in
    • Register Here
  • NamaSlay – Metal Yoga: read more
    NamaSlay – Metal Yoga (all levels welcome): *Pre-registration required* Get your Slayer T-shirts out of storage and prepare to bang your head, because this workout has some serious benefits! Let go of typical expectations as this class combines a powerful yet gentle yoga practice with energetic music to tear down the ego and establish a deeper connection with the Self while having some fun. The intention of this class is to be grounding and at the same time uplifting for your spirit by enjoying your favorite music.
    • Dates: Friday May 24th
    • Times: 7:45-9:00pm
    • Cost: Use of your regular pass or $18+tax Drop-in
    • Register Here
  • Intermediate Yoga read more
    Intermediate Yoga (all levels welcome): A challenging practice, guiding you toward exploring more advanced Yoga poses in a safe and intelligent way. You do NOT need to have an advanced Yoga practice to participate, just the ability to be curious and explore your body’s strengths, while respecting its natural limitations. While modification options will be provided, students wishing to register should be familiar with basic Yoga postures and have no major illness or injury.
      • Date: Friday May 31st
      • Times: 7:45-9:15pm
      • Cost: Use of your regular pass or $18+tax Drop-in
      • Register Here


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Kids and Teen classes

  • Serenity Kids (Ages 6-9yrs): read more
    Serenity Kids  In this intensive 6 class program we will provide your child with tools to manage stress, anxiety, and other common challenges. Drawing on mindfulness practices, yoga and cognitive behavioral therapy; Serenity Kids will help your child to learn the ability to self-regulate their emotions.  Serenity Kids boasts a unique program designed to both boost emotional resilience and improve overall social-emotional development. Serenity Kids learn how to calm their anxieties, soothe hyperactivity, and transfer negative thoughts into positive—and become adept in adapting to any number of challenges life sends their way. By tapping into their core emotional strengths, Serenity Kids become their most amazing selves. Classes include dance and movement, relaxation and imagery games, yoga, stretching and breathing exercises. Our adventures of kid-oriented mindfulness techniques will help kids develop balance and coordination, focus and concentration, boost self-esteem and confidence, help with anxiety and learn the value of a healthy lifestyle.The benefits of a child’s early involvement in programs focusing on emotional awareness, regulating stress and the development of positive coping methods extend from improved academic performance to overall mental well-being. Children come away feeling calmer and more refreshed; now armed with practical exercises they can use at home or school. Serenity Kids helps to ensure that all children are given the gift of happiness and emotional manageability for life.We’re looking forward to a summer of yoga with your inspiring kids! There are limited spaces available and these programs sell-out fast.
    • Class is 1 hour and 30 minutes
    • Ages: 6-9yrs
    • Dates: July 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18
    • Times: 1:00pm-2:30pm
    • Cost: *Pre-registration required* for entire 6 class series
      • Early Bird $175+tax until June 10th
      • Regular price $200+tax 
      • If you are interested in this program please fill out this Intake Form. Upon receipt of the completed form SSYW will review your responses and send a link via e-mail for you to register your child. 
  • Kids Yoga (Ages 6-11yrs): read more
    Kids Yoga (all levels welcome):Children will learn how to focus and center themselves with various breathing and visualization techniques. They will also learn self-respect and respect for others with the practice of fun and challenging poses, partner and group poses, lots of yoga games, breathing and basic anatomy.
    • Class is 45 minutes
    • Ages: 6-11yrs
    • Dates: May 2nd – June 13th, 2019
    • Times: 4:00pm-4:45pm
    • Cost: $83+gst *Pre-registration required* for 7 class series.
      • Prorate available for late registration
      • or Drop-in $13+gst
  • Girlvana – Teen Yoga (Ages 12-17yrs): read more
    Girlvana – Teen Yoga (all levels welcome): Sign up your Teen for after school Girlvana Yoga! Girlvana began with the idea that every teen girl deserves a safe space to find her inner voice. This program is for the girl who is curious about her own spirituality and needs an outlet. Our classes are designed to teach teen self-identified girls, age 12-17, the tools of yoga and meditation while offering strong mentor-ship with a raw heartfelt approach. Now, more than ever, the world need you to be you. Find your truest self, embrace it and share it with the world.
    • Class is One hour
    • Ages 12-17yrs
    • Dates: TBA – One week Summer camps coming July and August – Stay tuned


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RMT Massage & Holistic Nutrition!

Get more information about RMT Massage

Roxanne is a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) who guides her patients towards a healthier life through treatment of the Lymphatic system (Immune System). She has taken extensive continuing education through the world renowned school of Vodder. This allows her to provide specifically designed treatments that will stimulate your body to heal and detoxify.

Initial Treatments:

Subsequent treatments:

​*RMT rates may be covered by your extended medical, please refer to your coverage plan for further detail. Applicable taxes additional*

Book Now


Get more information about Holistic Nutrtion

Nicola is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist with a whole body approach to health and wellness. With a focus on developing a healthy relationship with food, Nicola helps you support your body and mind to create a balanced lifestyle and a healthy mindset. Having gone through her own health challenges she is compassionate to the struggles we face and understands the complexities of nutrition, body image and diet culture. She has experience supporting digestive issues, food sensitivities, thyroid health, stress management and much more. By helping you get in touch with how you feel in your body she empowers you to feel confident in the choices you’re making.

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