Heart Flow Healing Reiki

Ashly Mondor

Reiki is an ancient healing modality from Japan that balances and recalibrates mind, body, and spirit. This system works by directing healing “ki”, or universal life force energy, throughout the body via the 7 main energy centers, or “chakras”.

Throughout our lives, we accumulate scars in our energy body due to physical injury, emotional trauma, and chronic stress or illness. Reiki works on a holistic level to balance the energy centers, therefore restoring the body’s natural state of vibrant health and well-being.

What to expect

Each session begins with the opportunity for the client to express any needs or ask questions, followed by a few minutes of breathwork and visualization. This creates a grounding space for clients to relax and feel at ease, therefore calming the nervous system and bringing them into a state of receptivity.

Most of the healing takes place with hands hovering over specific energy centers, and the session may also include some very gentle hands-on work. Though Ashly will guide and direct the flow of energy throughout the client’s body, ultimately it is the self-healing capacity of the client’s own body that enables the healing. Upon request, Ashly will complete the session with a short neck, shoulder, and head massage and or oracle card reading for intuitive guidance.

Everyone’s experience is different, but most tend to feel a deep sense of relaxation, leaving them feeling renewed, restored, and ready to float home!

Each session is one hour, and the number of sessions is completely up to the client. One session is great for an overall energetic tune-up, however, if there is a specific health concern, a group of sessions is recommended. The client remains clothed, so comfortable clothing is ideal.

  • Initial Treatment: 90min – $125+tax
  • Subsequent Visit: 60min – $100+tax