Shilo is passionate about giving people a fun place to experience fitness in a positive way that builds strength from the inside – out. She loves to see people embrace the discovery that exercise is a celebration of what their body CAN do and that fitness is a GET TO, not a “have to.”   She helps create a space where people find an opportunity for a deeper sense of connection, self-worth, and lasting change.

Shilo’s effervescent personality and enthusiasm create much laughter and encouragement throughout the class, both in-studio & online. She uses uplifting music and movements that are choreographed in ways that motivate, inspire, and strengthen.  If you are looking for a bubbly, energizing class, you have found it. If you are also hoping for a quiet, reflective experience, you will also get that at the end of each class during the cool down and stretch.  

She holds 3 group fitness certifications: Barre, REFIT®, and REV+FLOW by REFIT®. Shilo has been a fitness instructor since 2015 and a resident of North Delta for 12+ years. She embraces the fitness community through the REFIT® belief that the heart is more than a muscle; That a person is more than a body; That relationships are as important as results. Fitness isn’t just for the “fit”…it’s for the willing. 

An interesting note is that she is currently the only instructor in the Lower Mainland to hold a REFITREV certification. The next closest REFIT or REV+FLOW class is either in Summerland, BC or Everett, WA. So, if you want to try something unique in North Delta, come here! 

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