Natasha discovered her love for yoga during rehabilitation after a motor vehicle accident in 2018. The initial benefits of her practice quickly grew to a love of yoga, making movement and fitness a priority in her life. Since then, Natasha has carried this passion forward by being a true student of all areas of yoga and completed her yoga certification training with Oxygen Yoga and Fitness.

She is elated to share the joys, benefits, and magic of yoga to all. Tuning into your own body to listen to what you need in that moment. To ensure you are always staying safe and nurturing your body. A favourite reminder from one of her teachers, “I am your guide, and your body is your teacher, always listening to your body first”

By day Natasha is an Early Childhood Educator and Manages a daycare Centre. She will soon be taking her Children’s Yoga Certification Training.

In her spare time, you can find Natasha caring for her ever-growing plant collection, curling up with a book (usually on yoga philosophy), knitting, embroidering, or out exploring in nature! Fun fact, George Mackie is Natasha’s great grandfather, and her family grew up in North Delta.

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