We’re coming together to support Shilo and her family during this challenging time as they focus on caring for their son, Isaiah.

Shilo’s son, Isaiah, had a seizure at Sungod pool, resulting in a temporary loss of heartbeat. Thankfully, medical intervention revived him, and he is currently intubated in a coma in the ICU at Surrey Memorial. Shilo and her family, understandably overwhelmed, are in need of support from her community, so I have launched A fundraising campaign to assist with her family’s immediate needs.

Your donation, no matter the size, helps ease the financial burden, can make a meaningful difference, and allows them to prioritize Isaiah’s care and well-being. Whether it’s walking the dog, providing meals, or offering emotional support, every contribution helps.

Together, we can uplift them with the strength of our community and remind them that they are surrounded by love, support and the power of our collective kindness. Let’s rally together and make a positive impact during this challenging journey.

Donate today and be a beacon of hope for Shilo’s family!