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“I have just finished Keri’s Sunday morning class and I feel great so many thanks to you both for making it happen! On a slightly different note, I wanted to mention that the strength, ingenuity, and perseverance you personally have shown (with the support of your instructors I’m sure) is admirable and inspiring. You have managed to create the closeness, friendliness, and warmth of your studio, (which I have always thought is the embodiment of what a wellness community should be) and reached that right out into our homes and made us feel welcome. This is quite a feat! So I wanted to let you know that we feel more a part of the sweet serenity family than ever and to thank you for making it all possible. Many many thanks!”

Jason Hammond

“On-line yoga sessions — genius!!! We recognize that suspending your business comes at personal cost.  Please know that there are folks out there rooting for you and wishing you success. Thank you for all you are doing for our community in general and for my family, in particular.  Both our girls have taken positive steps toward better physical and emotional health because of you and with your encouragement. You are a local hero! Love, right back at you”.

Jill Gillett

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for finding a way to keep classes going during this strange and bizarre time. It’s been a lifesaver for me knowing that I can still access classes. I hope that you are doing well. Thank you for all your hard work, week after week, to keep a little bit of normal going. Thank you!!!”

Lisa Chandra