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  • Hatha Yoga: Dive into the benefits of traditional mindful movement. Explore poses with a focus on safe alignment and breath for strength, flexibility, and mindfulness.
  • *Gentle Hatha Yoga: Discover gentle, balanced movement. Prioritize alignment and breath for a soothing practice that enhances flexibility and strength.
  • *Gentle Movement for Mobility: Unlock mobility through gentle, effective techniques. Strengthen your core and improve posture with functional movements and self-care.
  • Power Flow Yoga: Embrace dynamic Vinyasa flows for detoxification and joy. Build strength, flexibility, and release stress through this energetic practice.
  • Flow Yoga: Experience seamless postures guided by intentional breath. Elevate body and mind with Vinyasa practice, embodying moving meditation.
  • *Slow Flow Yoga: Delve into intentional, mindful practice. Strengthen your body with deliberate, freeing flows that foster awareness and bliss.
  • *Slow Flow Yoga & Stretch: Find balance and calm in a slower-paced flow. Strengthen, stretch, and release tension for improved mobility and tranquillity.
  • *Yin Yoga: Target deep tissues with long-held poses. Release tension, experience transformation, and leave feeling balanced after this gentle, powerful grounding practice.
  • *Yin & Restore Yoga: Soften with long-held Yin stretches and restorative poses on the mat. Experience a release of the nervous system, muscle elongation, and anxiety relief.
  • *Release & Restore Yoga: Combine deep stretch and myofascial release to improve mobility and relieve stiffness, followed by restorative shapes supported with props that help the tension in your muscles slowly release and let go.
  • *Restorative Yoga: Indulge in restful, passive stretches. Fondly known around here as “adult nap-time” this restful, passive stretch class offers guided breath work and postures supported with props that allow the body to deeply relax.
  • *Yoga Nidra: Discover stillness and healing. Begin with breathwork, then explore subconscious realms for clarity and profound meditation.

Barre, Fusion & Dance Fitness

  • *Barre Express: Sculpt and strengthen with low-impact, full-body magic. Perfect for runners, athletes, and yogis or anyone looking to elevate their core strength, posture, and balance through standing and mat work.
  • Barre Intensity®: Ignite your strength and confidence in every heartbeat. Crush a full-body workout with powerful, precise movements that leave you mentally fierce and accomplished.
  • Tabata: Unleash your inner fire with 20-second bursts of intensity and 10-second recoveries. Embrace bodyweight, bands, and more for fat burn, endurance, and speed. 45 minutes to push, recover, repeat!
  • 30-Min HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training): Renowned for improving cardiovascular fitness, enhancing strength, building lean muscle, and maximizing calorie burn. Join us for an empowering session that will leave you feeling energized!
  • *Hatha Core Yoga: Flow through slow, challenging moves for a sculpted body and agile spirit. Stretch, strengthen, and center, all while refining alignment and boosting core power.
  • Mat Pilates: A gentle yet challenging, safe method to sculpt your body and feel increased agility in your everyday movements. This class stretches and strengthens your body through pilates and yoga postures while focusing on alignment and strengthening the core.
  • *Refit®: Groove, sweat, and thrive with dance fitness powered by positivity. Elevate body, heart, and soul through powerful moves and uplifting music. Feel unstoppable and ready to conquer.

TABATA, 30-MIN HIIT & REFIT: Option to wear CLEAN, INDOOR ONLY shoes during class please.