Niki believes that yoga is about undoing our mental conditioning to experience life from an authentic, untainted place. As a teacher, her intention is to encourage a community of learners, not followers. By infusing art, music, dance, and poetry into yoga, Niki eases students out of their minds and into their bodies. Her classes are focused on releasing fear, grief, anger, and shame, to help you clear the path to your joy. Using uplifting chants, she helps unblock your voice and tune into your own powerhouse. Her classes will leave you feeling lighter, powerful, fearless, and connected.

Niki also loves challenging her extremely fearful mind, dancing, deep discussions, interior decorating, oil painting, playing with her nieces and nephews, sketching, living an out-of-the-box life, and writing. Recently, she’s been busy facing her fear of sharing her art with the world. Have a peek into Niki’s world of paintings, poems, and journals at

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