To celebrate, we’ve got some happy news to share! Join our #WellnessForAll campaign at Sweet Serenity Yoga and Fitness, where we’ve held prices steady since 2020, ensuring accessibility to all our offerings!

We have seen SO many new friends (and old friends!) through the doors in the past several weeks, hosted some really fun events, saw so many of you find joy through movement, and we are just so FULL of GRATITUDE. So we are doing something VERY special that we haven’t ever done before!

  1. Community Support: Because we realize not everyone is ready for a new routine in the dead of winter (astrological new year is in March after all)
  2. Accessibility: Because we know that inflation has been challenging and we still believe that regular movement with your community is such an important pillar of mental and physical health!
  3. Gratitude: And because, we realize that despite the challenges we’ve faced, we are so fortunate to live where we live, and do what we do – and we want to give back.

But hey, the magic only happens on the other side of commitment, and it’s pretty darn amazing:

  • More Energy: Imagine waking up with a zest for life that lights up your day.
  • More Strength: Physically, mentally, and emotionally – because you’re a powerhouse!
  • More Confidence: Strut your stuff, because you’ve got this!
  • More Connection: Join a community that’s all about uplifting each other.