The first stone I ever fell madly in love with was Moonstone, something about her always spoke right to my heart. I’ve always been drawn into the secrets that each piece hides until they are caught and reflected in the light. Moonstone has been revered as a magic talisman for centuries and has been used for several purposes. Commonly thought to assist in any journey but particularly helpful in a path inward to self-knowledge and a powerful connection to the moon, this stone is particularly connected to feminine power and beauty. Moonstone has also been used as a channel for prophecy, a bridge to wisdom and a gift of passion between lovers. 


  When aiding in the connection of Lovers, think of a soft and enduring love with a passion so warm and familiar that it always existed and always will. Moonstone is not the Ego driven Passion of the Lovers Card in the Tarot, but more along the lines of the gentle acceptance and lifelong support of the 2 of Cups. Moonstone can assist a relationship that has hit a rocky patch where both hearts just want to find common ground. Think of a gentle, nurturing partnership with balance and warmth.


  With such a strong connection to the Moon, this beautiful stone is particularly adept at aiding any Feminine issues, it has been used to assist with fertility by helping to align women’s cycles to the moon and reconnecting women’s bodies to their natural state. Moonstone is also fantastic for the regulation and balancing of any hormone-driven issues. Moonstone allows us to naturally find a glowing healthy state of true connection between our bodies and our hearts. Assisting us to listen to our intuition and connection to the wild, this stone aids us in getting back to wholeness, releasing patterns and behaviors we have developed from a place of fear.


  Moonstone is primarily white and being a form of Feldspar always comes with secret reflections built into its depths. Moonstone can present as peach, grey, blue or most common rainbow varieties and each has its own unique beauty and strengths. Peach can aid in getting over the image of who we should be for who we are and aids in the acceptance that who we are is enough. Grey helps to strengthen one’s connection beyond the veil and so aids in clairvoyance and is often used in conjunction with the new moon, where everything is potential, and limits are lifted. Blue moonstone allows for greater focus and clarity allowing for self-analysis and assisting in clearing patterns and cycles we might want to resist seeing. And my favorite form, Rainbow moonstone deflects negativity while amping up energies and allowing us to gently raise our vibration to meet our desired clear calm state allowing us to open and accept abundance into our lives. 


  Particularly important to make certain that you cleanse your moonstone regularly, and yes as you may have perceived the best way to clean your moonstone is to leave it out to be bathed in moonlight. Any phase of the moon will do, but of course, the New and Full moons hold the most power to clear and charge these Little Beauties.


~Namaste: Michiko @SweetSerenityYoga

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  • Seriously, the easiest way to spot a moonstone among all those other rocks on the beach is when the sun shines. The moonstones are transparent and translucent so when the sun hits them they literally glow.

  • Peach Moonstone Cabochons – These are Peach Moonstone Cabochons made from Moonstone mined in India. Reminiscent of moonlight, this Moonstone glows with cream, peach, and pearly gray color. Moonstone is a member of the Feldspar family of minerals. …

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