As the people of the west become sicker in mind, body, and spirit, we awaken to the subtler forms of healing that view the body much differently than the medical system of our society.

For some of us, we love the subtle and non-intellectualized nature of this form of healing. Some will say that the scientific studies beginning to emerge give them the credibility they need to try a non-medical modality. Whatever the case, Reiki is a non-invasive and powerful tool that can help a wide variety of ailments.

“Recent survey indicates that over a million people in the U.S. have received Reiki sessions.(1) Its value is recognized by over 800 hospitals that offer it as a standard part of patient care.(2) And rigorously designed scientific pilot studies have demonstrated its therapeutic effects.(3)”

The ‘Ki’ in Reiki refers to life energy, known in China as “Chi,” in India as “Prana” and in science as “Bio-Force Energy.” This energy is unseen but is easily detectable. For example, when you are ill or depressed, you can feel that this energy is blocked or depleted within you. When you feel Love, joy, elation you can feel the vibrancy of the energy flowing within you. Many studies have now shown the ability of humans to direct and transfer this energy from ourselves to other people and even water (see experiments of Masaru Emoto).

In sessions, many describe a feeling of warm glowing and flowing light through their body. This intelligent life force energy removes blocks in the energetic layers of the body, to allow the systems of our bodies to properly function and heal themselves. Your practitioner receives the training to adequately channel this energy to you without having an effect on your own well-being. This means no matter how serious your block whether it be chronic pain or illness, traumatic life events, etc. you can surrender in knowing both you and your practitioner is protected.

Some examples of what a Reiki experience can help with are Insomnia, broken bones, sports injuries, headaches, stomach problems, inflammation, confidence, creativity, and palliative care. The range is magnificent and with no adverse effect’s recipients have nothing to lose and so very much to gain. As with any wellness practice, consistency can help immensely with maintaining the effects as many of our ailments are much deeper than what one session could breakthrough.

To experience Reiki or ask questions, reach out to Heart Flow Healing – Ashly Mondor at Sweet Serenity Yoga and Wellness 604-603-9642 or @heartflow.healing on Instagram.

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