If you are looking to add a little Magic into your stone collection this Beauty is an amazing place to start. Often referred to as the Magician of the stone world Labradorite was first found in Labrador Canada in the late 1770s (or at least that is the first documented discovery in the Western world.) The truth is that the indigenous peoples of the region likely had known and used this stone for ages prior to this date. The legends of the people tell a story of the Northern lights being frozen into the iridescent hues of this stone. One look at this beautiful stone and you can see how this legend came to be. 

  Labradorite dances with color as you shift it under a light. Most often this grey to black stone will shimmer blue and green, however other colors such as pink, orange and violet can also appear. If you have ever been lucky enough to bear witness to the Aurora Borealis, then you will easily see how one could believe it had somehow been frozen in this stone.  Personally, I have always felt that each stone has its own feel and spirit, no matter what stone you chose I highly recommend holding any crystal or stone in your hands when making your selection. 

  Among its many qualities, one of the things that labradorite does is it repels negative energy, if you ever need assistance in shielding, this is your stone. I keep a large chunk of raw labradorite under my car seat, have done for over 15 years, it has traveled across this country and back again with me. I love that it is raw, and most people can’t quite figure out why I have a large rock in my car until I show them how the lighting dances down one side of it. As a side benefit of Labradorites natural ability to repel negativity is that it cannot be used for ill intent. 

  If you have any issues with crowds or sudden bouts of exhaustion, this stone can aid you in learning how to effectively shield yourself from outside energies and help prevent your own energy from leaching away. Labradorite also works as a natural booster to help enhance any spiritual gifts and psychic abilities. They are fantastic healing stones that aide you to increase the occurrence of synchronicity and coincidence. Wearing labradorite can assist you in walking paths that seem unfamiliar and help mitigate your natural hesitance for the unknown. This beautiful stone assists in raising your vibration and allowing you to feel confident in following your intuition.

  Another benefit of these stones ability to repel negativity is that it also helps you to let go of things that are not for your highest good. This is an incredibly powerful stone that can be used to break bad habits and self-sabotaging behaviors as it strengthens your ability to listen to spiritual guidance and accept healing.

  Labradorite will often guide you into being in the right place at the right time. A perfect mantra when utilizing this stone is “Thank you for guiding me to where I need to be, doing what I need to do, saying what I need to say to whom I need to say it too.”

~Namaste: Michicko @SweetSerenityYoga