Kyanite happens to be one of my favorite stones

It comes in several colors, although most often occurs in blue and it can appear to be both very crystalline and very gem-like depending on its finish. What I love about Kyanite the most is that it is one of 2 minerals that neither accumulates nor retains negative energy, which in a world of negatives is a huge positive. Because it does not retain or hold negative energy, it does not need to be cleaned and in fact, can be used to cleanse other stones.

Kyanite is incredibly powerful and vibrates at a very high level, making it a great stone to have in any collection. It can automatically align chakras, so from a healing standpoint, it is very helpful to keep on yourself in jewelry form. I personally have both a pendant and a palm stone lives in my purse. What is great is that Kyanite will automatically begin to align your chakras as soon as it is near you, however, if you set an intention to align a particular chakra it can be directed to do so. Due to Kyanite’s ability to bring your energies into alignment, it is a very calming stone that will assist you to easily transition into a meditative state.

I really enjoy the sweet calm grounding properties of this stone and find that it can bring instant ease to any anxiety or nervousness I may be feeling. And yet it is so very energizing and provides a gift of gentle forward momentum. Perfect for any of those sticky situations where your fears are holding you back from moving forward.

Due to its very high vibrations and rapid transfers of energy Kyanite can create pathways where none existed, this makes it a fantastic stone for those wanting to dabble in lucid dreaming as it can assist in bridging the gap between our conscious mind and out subconscious. Really you can think of Kyanite as a natural bridge to wherever you want to go, as it will aide in building connections where you set the intention to go.

If you would like to bridge a gap in communication this is your stone, not only will it aide you in remaining calm during communications, it will allow your throat chakra to open and release whatever may have been trapped in place. Often, we over filter ourselves, holding back and blocking our truth from being stated. Kyanite allows us to more freely speak your truth from a clear and calm position of power rather than a defensive sense of powerlessness.

Kyanite is perfect for those looking to lead a team with a cool and clear head. It will allow us to connect to our instinctive ability to read others and connect in a vulnerable and powerful manner. This stone will enhance your ability to clearly see your team members’ strengths and needs, so you will be able to both utilize and support them effectively.

Fantastic for clearing any Brain Fog, this stone is perfect to carry into a high-stress deadline-oriented environment to aid you in remaining effective and focused. However, Workaholics beware, it will also deter you from pushing yourself too far, balance is key, and this rock certainly keeps you inline and aligned.

~Namaste – Michiko @SweetSerenityYoga

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