If you’re anything like me you have trouble seeing just how wonderful you are; With that negative mind chatter controlling the conversation in your head all to often.

I challenge you to face that negative self-talk head on!

Starting today LOOK at yourself in mirror and tell you something POSITIVE about yourself!

Don’t worry if you feel ridiculous or have troubles making eye contact at first, it’ll get easier (or so I’m told). Something simple to start, for instance that you are witty, you have great eyebrows, you are generous and kind, you hold the door for others, or you’re hilarious. It doesn’t matter what it is, just so long as it’s positive. Even if you don’t fully believe it right now, fake it ’till you make it.

Every time you are faced with a mirror

I want you to do this. Every time! Until you believe it. It only takes a second, say it out loud or in your head, whatever works for you. Over time you’ll start to be kinder to yourself and come up with even deeper endearing qualities about yourself. You’ll notice how being nicer to yourself makes you nicer to everyone else.

Let’s do this together

and watch how our community grows with self-love and how together we are a powerhouse of support against our own worst critics; ourselves.

Comment below with something positive about yourself, let’s grow this list to help one another realize that those qualities also reside within ourselves.

-Jenine Lehfeldt @ SweetSerenityYoga