One of my favorite stones, let’s be honest most stones are very dear to me, is Pietersite more commonly referred to as Tempest stone.

Pietersite is a relatively new find it was located in Namibia by said Pieters hence Pietersite.  Pietersite is a very active and powerful stone. Its energetic connection is strong and can be uncomfortable for some, one that I have grown into over the course of my life. Mt first piece of Pietersite jewelry found me almost 20 years ago, a pendant it is quite beautiful and once I sighted it I had to have it.

Tempest stone truly embodies the beauty and shifting power of a storm, when you investigate a piece of Pietersite you can clearly see it looks like a storm that is swirling under the surface.

It can present in a variety of colors and combinations thereof, often seen in shades of fire red, deepest blues, and golden browns. My personal preference is when the red and blue occur together as it truly reminds me of the balance of power between fire and water, both elements powerful both destructive and the sources of greatest creation and love.

The thing about Pietersite is it is a highly charged and energetic stone so you are likely to have a quick reaction to it either a fast pull towards or a fast jolt back. And even if you are drawn to Tempest stone it may not be right for you at this point in your journey. I picked up the first pendant of Pietersite 20 years ago and I put it on and then did not sleep for three days. I was a fairly new rock collector and it did not occur to me until almost 72 hours had passed, that a stone could have that much effect on my ability to sleep. I’m sure you can imagine that by the time I got to that thought process I was so exhausted I was nearly delirious, and I finally took it off and slept like a baby.

Pietersite is said to be able to calm a person with anxiety and I think that’s quite true and I also know that it can do quite the opposite if you are not ready to accept it. Currently, I have a beautiful bracelet of Pietersite and I wear it constantly, I have kept it on for 3 months and found that it grounds and calms me.

Grounding is not the easiest skill to learn, it is very personal and takes a great deal of practice. It has not been a life skill that is widely taught, many of us learn it from necessity as our journeys take turns into periods of chaos and disturbance. My suggestion is that Pietersite is an incredible and amazing stone and if you are going to wear it, be cautious. Be aware, it may have more effect on you than you are prepared to deal with.

Pietersite is a stone that may rile up a storm in you to move you into a place of calm. Just as sometimes the process of healing can be uncomfortable, Tempest stone may require a vulnerability that you are not yet familiar with. I invite you to experiment with Tempest stone and see if perhaps it can assist you in becoming calm during the storms of your journey.

~Namaste – Michiko @SweetSerenityYoga