Protection, Grounding and Shadow Work

Most recently I have found myself drawn to the incredibly understated beauty of Obsidian. This is a very new obsession, as, after 20 years of avidly collecting stones, this amazing gem has just recently caught my eye. Which makes a lot of sense, as Obsidian is particularly helpful when you are feeling spread a little to thin. I have recently gone above and beyond to push myself past my healthy levels of stress and activity and I am really feeling the need to cocoon in.

When your energies are depleted and you need to hibernate and heal, this little powerhouse is exactly the stone you need to do it. We are now in the season where nature shuts down its external operations and turns inward, to heal, rest and nurture the tiny little spark of life buried deep down making it ready for the coming spring.

Obsidian draws scattered energies back in, along with grounding you solidly into place. As your energies return and you root down into the earth, this stone also facilitates the removal of all the psychic sludge that attaches itself to you as you go out and navigate the world. 

Obsidian has the power to clear negative energy, it will keep a solid shield of protection between yourself and all the energetic vampires you might meet. However, this stone is even more amazing, as it also works to defend you from your own negative thoughts and internal negative chatter. If you are unable to make it to your therapist’s couch, this is the perfect stone to sit in meditations with as it gently draws out your toxic emotions and helps to lighten the load, and gives you the space you need to be able to look at struggles with the objectivity you need to be able to work with them outside of self-judgment and self-shame.

The truth is we all have a Shadow side and trying to run, numb or ignore it only leads to self-sabotage, addiction, and dis-ease. As Carl Jung stated “What you resist, persists.” and with its direct and sometimes brutal powers, Obsidian will open up to the way for you to find the self-truths you need to make friends with your darker more intense sides. You see just as we yearn to appear to be all light, our shadow serves a purpose too. I do caution you to only chose this path if you truly want the answers and are willing to do the work, as what is known cannot become unknown.

Hard as glass and with few to no imperfections this volcanic stone cools so quickly it literally appears into being. Holding the dark glossy surface of the still lake under a moonless night, this “mirror stone” will reveal to you the person you have yet to let the world see. Nothing is hidden from this Master, much like the role of an Empath, it cannot help but reflect back exactly what its, blemishes, flaws and raw honesty. 

Obsidian is best when carried and or worn by only one soul, so please make certain to clear prior to doing so. Clear the stone either under the full moon, in saltwater or using other stones such as Kyanite. Keep an open mind, as what you are shown or guided to may first be uncomfortable or unfamiliar, just know that all change will be for your greatest good and you will be fully supported and protected on your journey.

Namaste ~ Michiko @SweetSerenityYoga