Meet Simi! She discovered the profound healing powers of Yoga and Meditation during a time when she was questioning her identity as a mother with young children and battling depression and anxiety. Her personal practice soon became a catalyst for self-discovery, transformation, and healing.

Simi’s journey evolved from navigating the trials of life and motherhood, including burnout, fatigue, insomnia, guilt, and low self-esteem, to flourishing with confidence, trust, peace, and joy. Teaching Yoga is more than just a job for Simi; it’s a way to give back to her community.

Simi is a 200-hr Registered Yoga Teacher and a Certified Life Coach (ICF). Her mission is to guide you on your journey and help you set out a transformative path that unlocks your true potential, fosters inner growth, and aligns you with your authentic self.

When she’s not teaching or practicing Yoga, you can find Simi going on solo nature walks, spending time with her husband and two beautiful children, and nerding out on some soulful books.

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