Expect to have FUN! Barre is a low impact, high intensity workout in which small isometric movements target and tone specific areas of your body. Although there are elements of yoga and pilates, barre is a workout like no other. It lifts your seat, tones your thighs, abs, and arms, and burns fat – and you can see results in as little as ten classes! There’s no need to spend hours at the gym or pay a personal trainer when 60 minutes in a barre class will have you addressing every muscle group and feel worked. Instructors put their own spin on every class so no two barre classes are ever the same and you’ll never be bored with a workout again. All classes in the barre program are designed to challenge at every level. We offer modifications and challenges for everyone, regardless of experience or ability. Please let your instructor know if you have any injuries or concerns prior to class, and feel free to ask any questions before or after class as well.