When adulting is too hard and you need to clear any mental or emotional fog, it is time to introduce Apatite into your collection.

This little beauty can assist you to find satisfaction, motivation, and inspiration. Apatite is great for assistance in balancing out the desire to follow and manifest our dreams while also meeting the day-to-day responsibilities of our lives. This beautiful combination of common minerals with a calcium phosphate base works to magnify your intentions allowing a deeper focus and spiritual connection. 

Known as a chameleon stone, due to the varying levels of minerals in this stone, it can range in color from deep blue-green to yellow even pink or violet. Apatite is literally able to fuel your appetite for life and offering protection grounding and calming properties with a healthy dose of self-assurance. Also known to stimulate the intellect to enhance the search for new knowledge and truth, it is great for both personal growth and the collective good. This stone is known to promote the humanitarian outlook and service to others.

A stone of manifestation, Apatite can assist in any pursuit, and particularly in and humanitarian endeavor.  Offering peace and harmony, wearing this little gem can assist you in seeking your own truth and in so doing helping to heal the universal collective. It helps to draw off negativity about oneself and others. If you happen to be dealing with self-sabotage and trying to learn how to work with your shadow self, rather than being controlled by it, this stone is right for you. Apatite can also help to assist with coming to terms with sorrow, apathy, and anger. Giving you the courage to sit with your heavier emotions until you can process them and heal the trauma. Apatite is all about working through the pain and then cherishing the beauty of the scar.

Allowing a strong connection to our Psychic selves, this stone can assist in developing your skills and ability to tap into your psychic abilities. Building confidence in this area and therefore giving you the courage to stand in your own power, perfect if you are timid or fearful of your skills. Due to this link, Apatite can assist you in resolving any issues that may have crossed over from past lives. Giving you a clearer insight into and allowing for the breaking of cycles and behaviors. Trauma can transcend both generations and lifetimes so this stone is perfect for those looking to heal themselves and move forward along their journey.

When wearing this beauty, you will feel the warmth of a hug providing you with the courage you need to bravely face your fears and learn what they are trying to tell you. Want to break a cycle or change a behavior, Apatite can help give you the forbearance and self-love to work through it until you are ready to move past it into the next phase.

Able to easily align your throat chakra, use apatite when you have something to say and you are attempting to say it with love and care. A great stone for public speaking and or clear communication with your audience. 

In short, if you want to learn to stand in your power and speak your truth, all while thirsting for life and enjoying your journey, then Apatite is definitely a stone you should add to your collection.

Namaste ~ Michiko @SweetSerenityYoga