Yoga is a place to find contentment, connection, and belonging, both within yourself and within community. Restorative touch is not about “fixing” or changing, but rather to give you that extra support in a hip opener or a comforting touch in child’s pose, to remind you that you are okay, and you are not alone (or to remind you that your partner may not be the best at back rubs, but that’s okay because you found us!).

This 90-minute class starts with our signature check-in question circle, followed by a 70-75 minute restorative yoga practice. Britt will be offering supportive hands-on touch and massage throughout the practice with trained practitioners.

Consent will be asked and discussed before the class for us and you to find and express where you feel comfortable receiving touch.

  • Date: Friday, April 13th 2024
  • Time: 6:30pm-8:00pm
  • Cost: Early Bird $44 (’til March 31st). Reg. $55