Rose Quartz – Loving Vibration

  I like to think of Rose Quartz is the ultimate self-care stone, this stone supports and attracts unconditional love and what is self-care about then exactly that? With it’s soft and pretty pink hue, it is virtually impossible to look at Rose Quartz and not see a warm and supportive companionate love. 

  The Greeks and Romans first assigned Love to this rock in a myth whereby Adonis was attacked by Ares, who was in the shape of a boar, his lover Aphrodite came running to his aide. Along the way, she got caught on a briar bush and by the time she found her lover, a mix of their blood started to soak into the quartz stone, giving Rose Quartz its iconic rosy pink hue. In Indigenous American cultures, the Rose Quartz meaning was used to soothe negative emotions like anger and disappointment by bringing love into newly harmonized emotions.

  Rose Quartz is known to dispel negativity and encourages self-forgiveness, a handy companion when you feel all the negative self-chatter weighing you down. Also, rose quartz is extremely easy to find and makes incredibly beautiful jeweler. As you might have guessed, Rose Quarts is fully aligned with your Heart Chakra, making it ideal as a pendant worn near to your heart. If you are having a hard time letting go of Traumas that inflicted great pain to your heart, Rose Quartz can assist you to shift your perception to a more positive outlook and guide you to a better understanding of past situations which can assist your heart to heal old emotional wounds in order to allow you to open to a much more trusting state. Remember the behaviors that allowed us to survive, often limit the way we live. Rose Quartz will allow your heart to break down any defensive walls you may have built to protect yourself and allow you to move away from the past in order to fully engage in the present and future relationships in a healthy and loving manner.

  As with all varieties of Quartz, this stone is an amazing amplifier, so not only does it support love and compassion it will also amplify these emotions. Also because of, it’s amplifying abilities, it is a great stone to keep around the house, and particularly the bedroom, as it can softly ease you into sleep and also gently guide you to beautiful joyful dreams while protecting against nightmares or night terrors.

  From a healing standpoint, as it is aligned with your heart, Rose quartz is great for any circulation issues and also being such strongly feminine stones will aide in and hormone-related issues, including but not limited to fertility, childbirth, and menopause. 

  Aside from promoting feelings of compassion and love Rose Quartz will also assist in raising self-esteem, lowering stress and bringing peace. Think of this beauty as the ideal Mother waiting to provide you with a gentle hug and unlimited support. Unconditional love, gently caring guidance and warm soft energy, who couldn’t use more of that in their lives?

Namaste ~ Michiko @SweetSerenityYoga

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  • Healing stones, or healing crystals have been around for centuries and there are many people who believe in their power and the positive energy. In fact, many celebrities swear by healing stones and all of the positivity that they bring. This has many people asking— do these stones actually work?

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