Desperately Seeking Motivation

Now with the inspiration of the new year dwindling and everyone returned to their regularly scheduled programming, how can you find the time and motivation to return to your own daily practices?

Some people may
think that because I teach, I am getting my practice checked off my list for
that day, but talking, teaching and watching students isn’t practicing and I
know that I am a much better teacher when I am a regular student.

Have you
experience something similar?  What has
pulled you away from your yoga practice or exercise routine and what helps to
keep you on track?  Take a moment to read
on and contemplate “Am I doing these things for myself?”.

Adjust Your Mindset
Instead of thinking of your yoga practice as
time away from work or family, but as much deserved time spent on yourself. Did
you know that a one-hour workout is only 4% of your day! Think of how
you are better at all the roles in your life when you have those “realignment
breaks” and can better focus on the tasks at hand.  I like this video with Debbie Rocker that
tells us to think like an athlete.

  • “The body achieves what the mind believes”. – Timmer

Set a Concrete Goal
Write out your goal, post it where you can see it and share it
with your support network.
State how you are feeling now and how you hope to be feeling in three months!
Some people find it helpful to track their progress in a chart, journal or even
with a fancy app (like Healthy Habits). We’ve taken some of that effort out of the equation for you and have
posted a challenge board for you to track your attendance along side
your name with star stickers (and yes you may feel like a kindergartener but
it’s oddly cathartic and rewarding). At the end of every month we will draw a prize winner!

  • “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change
    you!” –
    Fred DeVito

Ask for Help
Asking for help can be as hard as getting out of bed in the wee hours of the
morning – but once you’d done it turns out to be so beneficial! Find a friend,
an online group (join our community Facebook group) or go to a class/workshop to meet people with similar goals.
Also don’t forget that your teacher and us ladies at the front desk are a huge
part of your support team.  Share your goals with us, ask for suggestions
and encouragement. We’ve got your back!

  • “Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try”.
    Michael Jordan

Make It an Easy Habit
“The best class is the one closest to your house,” said a very wise teacher of
mine. With Sweet Serenity Yoga at the heart of North Delta it’s easily
accessible from anywhere in the city.  Pick a class that you can easily
attend.  Sometimes this means a 6:15am revitalizing Kundalini class with
Niki or an 8:45pm relaxation Restorative class with Bev. Doing a bit of
yoga every day, even 15 minutes at home makes it a habit and is better than not
doing it at all.  Going to a variety of styles of classes 2-3 times a week
is also ideal for new inspiration, motivation, community and learning.

  • “3 months from now you will thank yourself”. – Unknown

Decide to Do It
Getting to
your mat is the hardest part
– sometimes
we really don’t feel like leaving the comfort of home or favorite cozy
chair.  We feel tired from the day and unable to face another thing, yet
when we GET to class, we feel so much better!  You may encounter this
battle of mind over matter every
day.  Try to just make it to your mat even if you only practice for
five minutes at home – we usually feel so good once we begin that we continue

  • “Push yourself because no one else is going to
    do it for you”. –

Rewards and Incentive
Read about the benefits of yoga, watch online videos about yoga, create a nice space in your home if that feels like a reward or buy a
“yoga treat” when you have reached a milestone.
Check into the incentives
that we offer
 to regular students.  At our
studio you can attend classes every day and still only pay as much as if you
were attending twice a week with an unlimited membership.

  •  “Push
    harder than yesterday if you want a different tomorrow!”. –

Fun and Variety
Vary your CLASSES, instructors, props, music and time periodically.  Take a new workshop, (like Beginner’s Barre, Intro to Meditation or a Mala Making workshop) that has many different teachers and styles.  Study what you love. Ex: Yoga – read about the philosophy and get a more in-depth understanding. Follow someone inspiring on Instagram or Facebook that fills your feed with motivation!

  • “Everything you’ve ever wanted to do is on the
    other side if Fear”. –
    George Addair

Listen to your Body
If you are feeling tired, do a gentle practice.  When stress is rising,
maybe meditation, yin or restorative is the focus of your practice that day.
“Set your intention” is often said at the beginning of a class – take a moment
to figure out what you really need out of your practice that day. Some great
examples in this article give a general idea if you’re feeling at a loss. Every day is different
in our body and it is important to allow your practice to reflect that.

  • “If you get tired learn to rest, not to quit!”.

Commit to Yourself
You deserve to feel good! Remember that the best thing we can do to serve
others is to look after our self first. Mark your class time on the calendar,
so you can see it! Treat it like you would any important appointment and
pre-register for your classes.  We have many class styles and times for
you to choose from and better yet a FREE app to track it all and help keep you
accountable! Search for Sweet Serenity Yoga in your app store or scan the code

  • “The Start is what stops most people, so
    START!”. –
    Don Shula

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-Jenine Lehfeldt @SweetSerenityYoga

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